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"hElp sB with sth"怎么造句

help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 Is there some area that you need help with? 是否存在一些你需要帮助的领域?

I often help him with his math. 我经常帮他学习数学。 : I can help you with your homework. 我可以帮你做家庭作业。

I can help you with your homework.

help sb with sth 帮助(某人)(做)某事; 例句: 1.I can help you with your homework。 我可以帮你做作业。 2.He helps me with my English. 他帮助我学英语。 3.I often help him with his math. 我总是在数学方面帮助他。

help sb. do sth.,help sb. to do sth.,help sb. with sth. 这三个句型都有help这个词,且它们都有“帮助某人做某事”的意思。 help sb. do sth.是help sb. to do sth.的简略形式,它们可互相使用。 Sometimes I help my mother(to)do the coo...

意思一样,人称后跟形式不一样 help sb to do sth.与help sb with sth.区别 help sb. with sth.或help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人(做)某事, 二者意思相同,只是一个后跟名词,一个后跟动词原形。 扩展资料 1、The right style of swimsuit can h...

没有help sb sth的用法埃 但是可以说:help sb do sth = help sb with sth = help sb to do sth 造一组同义句给楼主看一下: He helps me learn English. = He helps me with my English. = He helps me to learn English. 他帮助我学英语。 如...

Can you help with my work? I will help you to repair the car.

He helps me to do the housework. to可以省略的。

亲,放在help的后面也可以的了,语法是help sb with sth,但是for english speaking students 就不要了。有for的话就是help with sth for sb,for就是给.....谁,为....谁,英语是灵活的不是一成不变的。还有一个是help sb do sth ,我们现在学的...


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