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我回来了英文是:I'm back I'm 读音:英 [aɪm] abbr.我是 back 英[bæk] 美[bæk] n. 背,背部; 背面,反面; 后面,后部; (椅子等的) 靠背; vt. 使后退; 支持; 加背书于; 下赌注于; vi. 后退; 倒退; 第三人称单数:backs 复数:b...

英语是:I come back。 解释:come 英[kʌm] 美[kʌm] vi. 来; 出现; 开始; 发生; vt. 做; 装扮…的样子; 将满(…岁); int. 嗨!; [例句]Two police officers came into the hall两位警官走进大厅。 back 英[bæk] 美[bæk] n. ...

Dad,I come backed I have heard often in the post-war peace will return I can see why the father had been playing my mother He was drunk because my mother will be able to take out their frustration I really thought I was eventua...

翻译:Hello,I'm back!

一般外国人不这么说话的,不过你非要中式化翻译的话: I have been back.Do you welcome me?

拉萨我回来了,翻译成藏文是: मैं ल्हासा वापस आया

I am back to work today as usual

After working for 4 years in HanDan,I can go back now! I'm coming

你好,很高兴为你翻译,正确的翻译是, Мама, я вернулся/вернулась. 希望能帮到你,如果还有不明白的地方,欢迎追问,望采纳。


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