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我今天很早就睡觉了. I went to bed very early today. I went to sleep very early today. I fell asleep very early today. 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

这个句子翻译要用好这个:so... that... 如此...以至于 I was so tired that I went to sleep early 下面是用法: 主语 + 谓语 + too + adj. + to do sth [主语][谓语]太[adj.]了,以致于不能[do sth] 主语 + 谓语 + so + adj. + that + 从句 [主...

你好。那句话的翻译是He always gets himself in trouble at school.或 he always get into trouble school。 第二条条回答的不太标准,最早的一条条用的语法不对was不能用在这里。祝你学习进步,更上一层楼。望采纳!

翻译是:The reason is: I'm still too young. 解释: reason 英[ˈri:zn] 美[ˈrizən] n. 原因; 理由; 理性; 理智; vt. 推理,思考; 争辩; 辩论; 向…解释; [例句]There is a reason for every important thing that happens 每件...

他总是起床很早 翻译成英语是: He always gets up very early . 同义句是:He never gets up late . 他从不起床迟。 分析: 根据句意是一般现在时,主语是三单,故谓语动词get up 要加s,即gets up 主语:He 谓语 gets up 状语: always / never...


你好! 我的英语老师是不是年轻又高 Is my English teacher is young and tall ?

当我的闹钟响的时候,我正在睡觉 When my alarm clock rang, I was sleeping.

More and more young people are beginning to care about the old .

Being young is capital and keep seeking (for) one's own dream! Never be old at an early age.


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