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park 公园

menagerie 英[məˈnædʒəri] 美[məˈnædʒəri, -ˈnæʒ-] n. 小动物园; [例句]They followed it this time, as eager as children in sight of a circus menagerie. 这一次他们跟着...


你说的是oo的发音是相同的吗? 答案是:是的。 具体发音如下: school [sku:l],n.学校; 学院; 上学; 群;  zoo [zu:],n.动物园; (铁路货车的最后一节)守车。

zoo的读音不同于其它的读音。 一、book 英 [bʊk]美 [bʊk]。 1.n. 书; 卷; 课本; 账簿。 2.vt. 预订。 3.vt. 登记; (向旅馆、饭店、戏院等) 预约; 立案(控告某人); 订立演出契约。 4.例句:His eighth book came out earlier this ...

classroom cool afternoon 望采纳,谢谢!

动物园啊 你可以下载词霸到手机或电脑上就不用那么麻烦地问了

today, 前面三个都是表示地点 祝你更上一层楼,有不懂的可以再问哦

At the Zoo I like to go to zoo.There are many animals at the zoo.We can see big animals,such as tigers,zebras,elephants.We can also see small rats like squirrels.There are birds flying in the huge cage and monkeys clmbing trees...

My new friend Lucy wants to go on a trip with me. She asked me where do I want to go. I said I am interested in going to the zoo, because animals are interesting to look at. She told me that she is also interested because she h...


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